The 9 best video clips of the week

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As usual we offer you a list of the best video clips that were released this week because nothing beats a good

beat when it is accompanied by a good video.

21savage – A Lot (Ft. J. Cole)

First track of his last album released last December, “A Lot” featuring J. Cole becomes the first single of I Am

> I Was. Directed by Aisultan Seitov, we find the rapper surrounded by his family and J. Cole in a large mansion

for what seems to be a family reunion. The video couldn’t be more personal and represents well the global atmosphere

of the album: 21savage has come a long way and he has come a long way.

Lil Pump – Racks on Racks

Lil Pump is extravagant – that’s nothing new – and so are his videos. 5th single from his debut album Harverd Dropout

which is due later this month, we find the Gucci Gang rapper in what seems to be an airplane graveyard accompanied

by a horde of women and monster cars for an impromptu party.

KEY! x Kenny Beats – Dig It

For their banger Dig It, KEY! and Kenny Beats call upon William Child and his Claymation (clay animation) to transport

us in a futuristic world where KEY! doesn’t seem to be welcome. But despite the aliens, KEY! seems determined to

have a good time.

PLK – Crazy

Just like the name of the track, the video clip is crazy. We find PLK in a carriage accompanied by a grandmother

who also seems to do his accounts ? Given the theme of the song it is not crazy to think that it is in fact a big

trip. If PLK offers you hard, decline because I’m not sure you’ll get over it but in the meantime the clip is more

than entertaining, so please yourself with this “visual drug”.

Yo Gotti – Put a Date On It (Ft. Lil Baby)

Yo Gotti and Lil Baby are the godfathers of the ghetto in the video for “Put a Date On It”. And there is enough

room at their table for all those who want to join them. The recipe is simple but effective, we do not get tired

of seeing the rapper preach the “good word” at the table and those with the way.

Gangtivity – Racks

Group from Brooklyn, the trio that is Bam Vito, Fleego and Mitchleading are surely the next on the list when we

talk about New York. Their single Racks released in mid-December made quite a lot of noise in the US and far from

being blind, it is logical that the group releases the visual of this banger made in NYC.

Jok’Air – Scarla

Jok’Air releases what seems to be the first single from his next album. Apology to violence and drugs? No Jok’Air

is a rascal and he’s content to tell you his daily life by showing the white collar what he thinks of them and

their world. Drop the tie, put on your best leather jacket and jump in the next moshpit that passes … to announce the color of his next album.edit: 2 nuggets

released at the last minute that deserves without any doubt their place in this ranking.

James Blake – Mile High (Ft. Travis Scott & Metro Boomin)

From his latest album released recently, Mile High is one of the 2 tracks produced by Metro Boomin. Accompanied

by a Travis Scott who delivers surely one of his most beautiful verses, James Blake releases a video that proves

to be faithful to the emotions that the single evokes. The video and the music are so immersive that at the end

of the 4 minutes you will feel like only one minute has passed in the real world.

Di-meh – Fake Love

Funky and ghetto at the same time, the video of Fake Love is as entertaining as the sound it illustrates. Di-meh once again takes us into

his minimalist world. The rapper/crooner doesn’t take himself seriously but he is seriously talented.

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